All You Need is Love.

When I left the office on August 11, I left my desk in a bit of disarray.  I had two main piles of two key projects that I was working on. I had several conference calls the day before, and I had about a dozen things that were due on Monday, August 15.  Not a big deal, because I was used to working under pressure.  Actually, I prefer it that way.  So, my desk was my own organized chaos.  Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like people moving my things. I have things where they are, and I remember where they are.  If you move them, chances are, I won’t find them for months, because I’ll forget to look.  I would say the only thing that was ever organized on my desk was my “Welcome” basket, which was filled daily with candy.

I went to the office last week for the first time since I got sick.  I had visions of a tidy desk, with files put away, and an empty candy basket.  When I walked into work, I will admit, I was anxious.  I started by counting the steps from the elevator to my office. From my office to the water cooler.  From my office to a friend’s desk.  It’s amazing what races through your mind when you’re so focused on walking.

When I walked into my personal office, it was eerie.  Everything was exactly where I had left it.  The pile of business journals I’ve been meaning to read was still there, my 1998 Mid-Atlantic Venture Fair mousepad still under my mouse, my lengthy to do list still on my deskpad. Similar to my experience when I saw my bedroom for the first time, and all of my summer clothes and bathing suits were still at the foot of my bed.  (See Blog Entry “Right Now“)  Even my candy basket was half full.  Kind CBIZ-ers have been filling up my basket in honor of my absence.  Very sweet!  When I sat down, I had to take a moment to take it all in. It was a bit unnerving.  It was as if I had never left.

I tried to be productive on my first day.  Since I had missed every single deadline for my projects, I focused on reorganizing the chaos.  There was a flurry of well intended and caring co-workers constantly stopping in to see how I was and if I needed anything.

I would say that the thing that touched me the most was the resurgence of my plant.  My parents bought me this plant 5 years ago when I took this job at CBIZ.  I was at my former company for 11 years, and it was a big transition for me to leave the known for the possibilities of the unknown.  I had a tough time making the decision, but after some soul searching and thoughtful introspection, I made the leap of faith to join the CBIZ team.  The plant was the first thing that arrived when I started my job.  It was symbolic.  It was something that was a representation of a new start, a fresh beginning.  A Clean Slate.  All it needed was a little water, a little sun and a little love.

I don’t have much of a green thumb.  At All. I travel a bit for my job, and I don’t have a good plan in place for when I am not in the office. I’m a bit careless when it comes to plants.

So, naturally, when I got into the office, I made the obvious assumption that not only would I be cleaning off the files on my desk, but also throwing out my plant.

Much to my surprise, my plant looked better than ever!  One of my very kind co-workers, Jackie, adopted my plant when I got sick.  She not only adopted it, but she nursed it back to health!  This picture arrived this morning to show the tremendous growth of my plant.  As you can see, there is a flower blooming.

I only stayed at work for few hours, but I felt completely re-energized to be back in action at the office.

Like the flower that just bloomed, recovery takes hard work, patience and attention.

But really, All you need is LOVE.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


One response to this post.

  1. God Bless You Suzie!!!!! When its all said and done, all you really
    need is love,family and good friends. You are an amazing person,
    good for you, you are an inspiration to us all. I want to wish you
    a wonderful Holiday Season whatever you’re doing, from myself and
    my family. We wish you a Healthy, Healthy Great 2012. All the Best!!!
    Fran Sutherland (Marissa)


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