The Beginning.

This past weekend reminded me of my beginnings.  Beginnings are your start.  They are your genesis.  They are the foundation of who you are, and who you will become.  My beginnings always bring me back to King’s.  From the day I stepped out of my parents station wagon on Main Street in Wilkes Barre, unpacking my bags for East Hall, my future began.

The weekend started with the girls arriving at my new home in Conshy.  Bags were rolled in.  Wine was unpacked.  Snacks were spread.  After just 5 minutes of niceties, the comfort level set in.  Do you have friends that you can go an entire year without seeing, then spend 5 minutes together and feel as if only a few days have past?  I have those friends.

I am so LUCKY to have those friends.  When you are sick, these are the friends that are always there by your side, whether physically, or in spirit, they are there.  They are there to cheer you on. Sing your songs.  Celebrate your achievements.

I had my closest friends from King’s College in town this weekend for our annual girls weekend.  It usually starts with a few bottles of wine.  Then comes the looking through the yearbooks.  Then, the stories begin. Remember when so-and-so had one too many and….  Remember when we thought the campus at King’s was sooo big and we couldn’t quite make it to class on a snowy day?  Remember when we thought going to a party on North Street at Murder House was just WAY too far for a good time?  Keep in mind, King’s campus was about 2 blocks by 2 blocks.  Damn. We were a lazy group of girls!

We drank some wine and Summer Shandies.  We laughed and laughed.  We got all dolled up for a night out.  We made our way to the best BYO in town, and proceeded to sit outside and sweat. There was a heat wave in Conshy, but it went relatively unnoticed since the only thing that matter was our being together.  After an amazing homemade italian dinner, many more laughs, we made our way back home.  A few bottles later, we were all nestled in bed.

The next morning, I work early to start cooking breakfast for my favorite friends.  Some greasy eggs, hashbrowns and lots of coffee for my very weathered and hungover friends.  I looked around at them having breakfast and thought to myself– what makes a happy home?  Friends around the table with good food and silly conversation.  As I stood there watching the joy and happiness in my home, it got me thinking to my beginnings.  I clenched my fists and crinkled my toes to really make sure I could feel everything. And I did.  This reminds me of where my GBS journey began.

My beginning.

It all started with a tingle.  Very subtle.  Pretty insignificant.  My toes were known to fall asleep, especially after a long day of wearing one of my many favorite pair of heels.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I had just landed in Philly from Vegas, and presumably I was very, very tired.  Too much partying.  WAY Too much tequila with my favorite NY office mates. Not enough sleep.  Makes sense. My body is clearly not firing on all cylinders.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I was working that day, standing at a cubicle talking to a few colleagues.  And I fell.  Luckily I was standing by the corner of the cube, so I could grab on with my hand before I made a scene.  I laughed outloud and said my body is still punishing me for last week.  HA!  My leg felt fine, so I walked back to my office.  Didn’t think anything of it.  I am a very clumsy girl.  Just ask my family.  I have been known to play Dizzy Bat and wind up flinging myself into Heart Lake.  So, this was nothing out of the ordinary.  Went to bed that night forgetting altogether that it happened.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I worked all day tuesday, still tired, but then again, it’s Vegas baby.  Went to Lithe class that night, and was planning on dropping a bag off at David’s house in the city, so I knew it would be another long day.  Couldn’t shake the fatigue, but went to class anyway.  It was one of my favorites- Thigh High.  The class is all barefoot, working with a dowel stick for 60 minutes.

Lots of balance and core work, and a class that I happened to be particularly good at.  I was doing the squat sequence, where you squat all the way down to the floor, while holding the stick vertical, and pressing into the ground.  When I got to the floor, I couldn’t get back up.  I couldn’t feel my legs at all.  Nothing.  Nada. I had to use my arms to push me up off the floor back to standing.

Annoyed now more than ever at how old I was getting and realizing that I clearly can’t party like I used to, I tried it again.  It’s a series of 30 squats.  Once again, I could get down, but not back up.  When I stood this time, my entire left leg was numb.  So I slapped it a few times to “wake it up”, and it was better.  After the unsuccessful squats, it was time for pushups.  Now, I will say that pushups have never been my strength, but I could get through almost all 30 of them, with a few stops in between.  However, tonight, I couldn’t lower myself down from plank to even do one.

I laid on the floor, so upset internally that I couldn’t do it.  I should have drank more water. I was obviously dehydrated, and my body was in a revolt.  I should have gone to bed earlier when I was away because I’m too old for this.  Thanks tequila.  Clearly, I enjoyed you too much in Vegas.  Kicking myself mentally, I did a few pushups the girly-way, and just laid on the floor.  I managed to get thru bits and pieces of the rest of class, but I left resigned.  Disappointed.  Irritated.  Once I get some sleep tonight, my body will reset, and all will be right again.

Just to be sure, I texted Katherine, BFF Nurse Manager, to assure me that I was fine.

6:30 pm Tuesday, August 9,

Me:  I’m having right leg weakness and muscle spasms.  I barely made it thru my class because I had that tingling sensation you get when your leg is asleep.  Will more water help this?

Katherine- Probably not.  I would go see your MD.  U may have a pinched nerve.  Is it in your right arm too?

Me- Nope. Right arm is fine. Just really weak leg.

Katherine- I would go to the MD as soon as you can.  And be careful driving!

Me- Sounds good!

I drove to meet David.  Jumped out of the car.  Gave him his bag and a hug, and I was on my way back home.  Long Drive Home indeed.

And that’s how my Tuesday ended.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woke up on Wednesday feeling much better. Got a good night’s sleep, and was ready for the day.  Went out to lunch with a good friend Meg.  As we were sitting in the booth at California Pizza Kitchen, I looked at her and said “Meg, I can’t feel my left leg at all.”

I shook it off.  A few minutes later I said “Meg, I can’t feel anything from my waist down”.  This got me a little worried because I hadn’t crossed my legs at all, we were literally just sitting in a nice comfy booth.  I ran through the events of the night before, and she immediately reminded me that I hadn’t called the doctor yet.  We left lunch a bit early, drove back to the office, and I was on the phone with my primary doctor.

They could see me tonight.   I felt immediate relief.  It was probably just a virus that was coming, and now I could nip it in the bud.  My leg was back to normal.  Probably just dehydration again. I cancelled Lithe for the night, and decided I needed another good night’s sleep after I finished up at the doctor.

I drove to the doctor’s office, and saw a doctor who was previously with Rothmann Institute.  If it wasn’t the flu, then it was probably sturctural. Pinched Nerve, something like that.  So I was in good hands.  I went through all of my symptoms, which were so benign, with her.  After my long, tedious ramblings, about my medical history, family history, my migraine history, my neurology history, etc. she gave me a range of what it could be-  A pinched nerve or MS.

I looked at her, and said “Uh, could you narrow that down a bit.  Because I will be all over WebMD tonight and you know I’ll just freak myself out”.  She said, “don’t read anything.  I may want to run some tests but I”ll let you know.”  I told her that I see a neurologist regularly at Bryn Mawr for my migraines and should he be consulted at all?  Should I schedule an appointment with him too?  She said “I’ll call him in the morning to discuss your case, and we’ll go from there.  He has your MRI and CAT scans from last year, so we’ll review your file together.  Go home, get some rest. I’ll call you when we make a decision on next steps.”

So, I went home and got some “rest”.

Who knew that it’d be the last time I’d be able to sleep in my own bed for 8 weeks.  And that my life would be forever changed….

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pamela Loos on June 8, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    The amazing thing about life is there are a lot of beginnings.
    You go!


  2. Posted by Pete on June 6, 2013 at 11:31 PM

    Thinking about you Suzy my prayers are with you.



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